Making a difference

How we’re doing our part

At CoStar Group, we’re always working to make a difference and bring value to the communities we serve. Through our philanthropic activities, environmental partnerships and small steps taken every day, we’re working to make a difference in our community.

CoStar Builds

Combining environmental awareness with community rehabilitation is where we believe we can have true impact. Through CoStar Builds, we provide support for causes such as these through civic engagement and financial commitment, and are always looking to expand that effort beyond our local markets.

The best use of square footage we’ve ever seen

Kids should be able to go outside, no matter how sick they are. With long hospital stays, some lasting months, many kids at Children’s National need the outdoors as part of their healing process. But today, there¹s no outdoor space for them or their families to enjoy.

CoStar is helping to raise the funds necessary to turn 7,200 square feet of gravel rooftop into a much-needed Healing Garden ­ one that will accommodate children of varying degrees of illness, even those who are near end of life. It is our most important square footage ever and so far we have raised close to
$1 million!

Find out about our other initiatives

We’ve got many ongoing groups that do their part to give back to our community. 

Angel Trees 2013

Casey's Trees

Striding for Hope

School Drive


DC Central Kitchen

Remaining LEED-certified

We’re constantly driven to lower energy usage, minimize carbon emissions, and improve operational efficiency. That’s why we were set on creating a headquarters that was certified LEED Platinum, and still continue to reach for that certification across our network. Because in our industry, efficiency is key to results.

Partnering to reduce

Through partnerships with the U.S. Green Building Council and the Environmental Protection Agency, we’ve made identifying LEED-certified and Energy Star-labeled buildings easy and useful. By highlighting and promoting over 1,300 of these listings and how they compare to non-green properties, we move the entire industry forward towards energy efficiency.

Researching, efficiently

With a fleet of over 100 low-emission vehicles, giving our researchers the power to provide accurate information, we’re keeping our clients equipped and updated while saving an estimated 100,000 gallons of fuel every year.