Our Real Estate Ecosystem

Over the years, we’ve developed the most comprehensive off­ering in real estate. From offices and industrial properties, to apartments and shopping centers, to ranchlands and farms, we cover the entire real estate income-property ecosystem, providing solutions that meet the needs of all of our audiences—regardless of what they are looking for.

Below you’ll see our current roster, and discover the role each plays in our portfolio.

At CoStar, we provide the most comprehensive data and intelligence solutions available to professionals involved in every aspect in commercial real estate. Through our trusted and verified research and innovative technology, professionals gain the information they need to find their edge in the market, move their business forward and never miss a step.


We operate the largest online marketplace for commercial real estate, providing brokers, owners, buyers and sellers with what they need to meet and make deals. Acting as the vital hub that connects the most important players in the industry, we’ve created a solution that spans market sizes and customer segments.



Our apartment arm works to create an efficient and effective consumer rental marketplace. By matching owners, landlords, property managers, and investors with residents looking to create their next home, we give industry professionals a simple and streamlined approach to filling properties and finding the right tenants.



Apartments.com has launched a groundbreaking advertising campaign featuring actor Jeff Goldblum as Brad Bellflower, the eccentric Silicon Valley Maverick and visionary futurist here to introduce his latest game changer, the all-new, completely redesigned Apartments.com.

When industry professionals are in the market to buy or sell a business, our database of available options provides the most comprehensive list of sales comparables out there. Identifying opportunity becomes possible with a combined 70,000+ businesses for sale, across markets segments, to help our customers reach their goals.

For individuals who want to get out of the city and find some open air, we provide them with the largest database of rural real estate listings in the country. Connecting land owners with the right buyers and helping buyers find the right land means all of our customers can confidently move forward and reach their goals.