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CoStar Group Annual Report 2014


2014 was an outstanding year for CoStar Group in all aspects of the business.

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We’re in the business of reaching goals.

At CoStar Group, we use technology to connect the world’s leading real estate professionals with the people and information they need to succeed. Whether that’s researching what’s on the market, valuing properties, matching buyers and sellers, or connecting people looking for a great apartment with the right apartment owners and managers, we’re in the business of helping clients reach their goals.

By providing our customers with simple and intuitive tools, timely and reliable information, and access to the largest network of real estate professionals, we provide what they need to make smart, confident decisions, both today and in the future.

How did we get to where we are?

We've been living and breathing the world of commercial real estate information and marketplaces for over 30 years, giving us the perspective to create truly unique and valuable offerings.

We've continually refined, transformed, and perfected our approach to our business, creating a language that has become standard in our industry, for our customers, and even our competitors. We continue that effort today, and are always working to improve that offering.
This is how we deliver for our customers, our employees, and investors. By equipping the brightest minds with the best resources available, we provide an invaluable edge in commercial real estate.

What's Next

We’re working to build a world where people can reach their real estate goals more efficiently and effectively with the best tools and information available. That’s why we created CoStar Group, and that vision keeps us moving forward every day.

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