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Five Ways CoStar Helps Brokers Excel

by John Hogan | Jun 12, 2017

As new technology and data continue to increase the speed at which business operates, brokers in commercial real estate face unprecedented pressure to deliver more value, and faster, to their clients. Those with instant access to comprehensive, accurate and real-time data—together with technology to make the best use of it—spend less time performing ancillary tasks such as research and market summaries, and more time with clients and prospects. As a result, they capitalize on dramatic improvements in customer service, productivity and, ultimately, earn more and higher commissions.

Brokers embracing CoStar save up to 40% of their time, and are able to respond to clients with in-depth, professional reports within minutes. Access to 100% of available inventory as well as advanced market analysis at local, regional, and national levels, ensures brokers always know more than their clients and enables them to provide those clients with the best advice. Moreover, not only does data such as ownership and tenant information speed up the business development process, but brokers leveraging CoStar intelligence to pitch prospects experience greater conversion rates.

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