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Top News This Week: Kmart, Sears Stores Slated for Closure

by CoStar News | Jan 06, 2017
News in Review

Here’s 2017’s first weekly roundup of top national commercial real estate stories, as reported by our plugged-in and in-the-know CoStar News team.

Sears Confirms, Kmart, Sears Store Closures

Confirming rumors that began circulating during the holiday shopping season, Sears Holdings Corp. officially announced a series of additional cost-reduction actions, including closing an additional 150 non-profitable stores -- 109 Kmart and 41 Sears stores -- to stem losses.

Valuation Firms Increasingly Attractive Targets for CRE Companies Seeking to Expand Recurring Revenue

CoStar News connected with Integra Realty Resources Chairman Anthony M. Graziano to shed some light on market and regulatory forces that have aligned to turn this stage of the real estate cycle into open season for the acquisition of private appraisal firms.

Foreign Investors Remain Bullish on US Real Estate Despite Increasing Caution

The latest annual survey of overseas investors by AFIRE confirms once again that the United States remains by far the world's most popular destination for foreign real estate capital, reflecting a lack of suitable global alternatives and a proven track record of steady returns generated by US real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Closes Out Another Banner Year in 2016

For all its ups and downs, U.S. commercial real estate enjoyed another banner year in 2016, thanks in large part to the unprecedented run in multifamily rents and property values and the fact that the U.S. continues to be viewed as a 'safe haven' by global property investors.


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