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Renter-Driven Comps: CoStar Market Analytics Now Uses Search Data to Generate Comp Sets

by John Hogan | Nov 15, 2016

CoStar Market Analytics now makes use of a technology called collaborative filtering and search data to produce comp sets driven by the marketplace. The way it works: comp sets populate based on other like-communities users looked at when also looking at the subject property.

To demonstrate the power of this new technology, take a look at the gold property marker below in San Diego:

Renter Driven Comps 1

If we looked at comparable communities within the neighborhood (Rancho Bernardo), our comp set would include those markers within the red outline:

Renter Driven Comps 2

Likewise, we could use a geographical radius to find our comps: 

Renter Driven Comps 3

But the problem with geographical filters is that they’re somewhat artificial. A community just outside a certain neighborhood could compete with communities inside a neighborhood. Likewise, who’s to say what geographical radius is appropriate? One mile? Three miles?

When we use search data, the comp sets consists of the communities with red markers:

Renter Driven Comps 4

As it turns out, renters looking at the subject community aren’t necessarily looking for nearby communities. The unifying trend for these apartments is easy access to Interstate15.

This new feature is a great tool for landlords and property managers to find competitors they might be unaware of, and ensure they set rents competitively.


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